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We are Associació Drets i Ciutat.


Carla Burriel

Degree in Political Science and Administration from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and with international experience for almost three years in Mexico (University of Guadalajara) and Colombia (United Nations Volunteer Program - UNDP and coordinator of the National Volunteer System of Colombia ). Graduate in Culture of Peace, at the School of Culture of Peace of the University of Barcelona.


It currently has  almost a decade of experience in the field of Sport for development and social change, coordinating the projects of the Foundation for Sport and Education of Barcelona and advising different entities and institutions in this field at the level local and international.

Co-founder of the Associació Drets i Ciutat

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Fede Kuffer

Degree in Humanities (UAB) and a master's degree in European Studies (UAB) and Postgraduate in Culture of Peace at the School of Culture of Peace (UAB). Professional experience of more than 10 years in the field of education and sport for development in public schools and social organizations. 

He has worked as a Social Integrator at the Mestre Morera Public School in Barcelona and has held various positions of management and project manager in organizations that develop social intervention projects through sport, such as the Fundació per l'Esport and Barcelona Education and International Sociological Sport Observatory.  


He currently works as a project manager at the Barcelona Foundation for Sport and Education and as a consultant in the field of sport for development.


Co-founder of the Associació Drets i Ciutat.

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Bet Millet

Degree in Political Science from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, specializing in socio-environmental conflicts and indigenous law at the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG) and the research group GESTA (Grupo de Estudos em Temáticas Ambientais) in Brazil.

Graduate in Conflict and Peace Communication at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and Master in Human Rights, Democracy and Globalization at the Open University of Catalonia. Different experiences abroad both volunteering in the West Bank, in the refugee camps of Western Sahara and Ethiopia as well as professionals at ChangeMakers Refugee Forum in New Zealand.

Co-founder of the Associació Drets i Ciutat.

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External specialist collaborators.


Iñigo Retolaza

More than 25 years of international experience in facilitating processes of personal support, organizational learning and social change among multiple actors immersed in contexts of conflict and high sociocultural diversity. He has a multidisciplinary academic background, and has worked on processes of social and organizational change in various countries and continents in indigenous peasant communities, marginalized social groups, NGOs and international donors, UN, companies, social organizations, cooperatives and public entities.

He currently works as an international consultant accompanying individuals and organizations in processes of organizational and social change (consulting, advice, training). In the Basque Country, it also facilitates processes of multi-actor dialogue and public conversation (racism and discrimination, linguistic diversity and coexistence, education, the environment, human rights, the economy of peace, etc.), as well as citizen dialogues for the social construction of memory. and social healing.

He is a collaborator of the Gernika Gogoratuz Center for Peace Research.

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External technical collaborators.

Jorge Surroca

Communication and design

Aitor Fusté


Roser Simona

Production and events

Joan Vives

Physical activity and sport

Zohre Benli

Project evaluation

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