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Source: Club Esporiu Lluita La Mina

ADiC is one of the 25 Catalan entities that has received funding and will participate in one of the projects funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus + Sport 2020 program within the Small Collaborative Partnership action.

The European Commission launched the Erasmus + Sport program in 2014, with the triple aim of addressing cross-border threats to the integrity of sport, promoting and supporting good governance in sport, as well as promoting the volunteering, social inclusion, equal opportunities and awareness of the importance of physical activity as an improvement in health through increased participation and equal access to sport for all .

ADiC will be part during the  2021 of the consortium of organizations that develops the One More Chance (WTO) project, led and coordinated by the Club Lluita La Mina (Catalonia) and which also includes the Centro Internazionale per la Promozione Dell'educazione e lo Svillupo (CEIPES, Italy ) and Infinity (Greece).

The main objective of the project is the implementation of positive sports experiences to encourage the participation of young refugees in sports clubs and to systematize the experience so that it serves as a guide in the implementation of public policies for the integration of young refugees in sports clubs. host countries of the European Union.

ADiC will lead two of the project phases, in a first phase it will be responsible for identifying good practices and designing and defining a model and methodology for working with project participants. This design will be done  initially through academic research and the search for other experiences, making a map and a diagnosis of good practices. Subsequently, the model will be built through the own experience of the coaches and young people participating in the project and in the activities of the Club Lluita La Mina.


Source: Club Esporiu Lluita La Mina


Club Esporiu Lluita La Mina (Catalonia)


CEIPES (Italy)

infinity group.png

Infinity (Greece)


Source: Club Esporiu Lluita La Mina

In a second phase, ADiC will be responsible for accompanying the coaches in the implementation of the model and responding to the needs that were encountered in order to work on the objectives set. During this same phase, ADiC will develop research and evaluation techniques to assess the impact of the implementation of the model to be developed.

To emphasize that one of the innovations of the project is the creation of an online learning center that will serve as support to the trainers of the clubs of the different countries that participate in the project.

As a working methodology of the project highlight that ADiC will work in the field monitoring the implementation of the project and participate in meetings between partners on a regular basis. On March 5, the project will kick off with the "Kick off Meeting" that will serve to draw the main lines of the project, define the needs to be addressed, agree on a roadmap between all organizations and agree on the next steps. This first meeting was scheduled to take place in Italy, but the face-to-face meeting has been postponed due to the health emergency situation caused by COVID-19 and will be held online. A follow-up meeting is scheduled to take place in Greece in October 2021 and a final conference in June 2021 in Barcelona to present the experience and final conclusions of the project to European, state and local institutions and organizations.

During 2020, the project website will be developed where information will be provided on how the project is progressing and where material of interest to interested institutions and organizations can be found.


Source: Club Esporiu Lluita La Mina


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25 Catalan entities receive funding from the European Commission to participate in 24 projects under the Erasmus + Sport 2020 program

A total of 25 Catalan entities will receive funding from the European Commission to take part in 24 projects, either leading them or as participants, within the framework of the Erasmus + Sport 2020 program, the community program of education, training, youth and sport that it aims to increase students ’abilities and employability, as well as modernize education, training and youth work.

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