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Congress on Sport and International Cooperation. October 2019.

INEFC - Barcelona.


Promoted by the General Directorate of Development Cooperation and the General Secretariat of Sport and Physical Activity of the Government of the Generalitat de Catalunya, the Congress was one of the proposals framed within the report “Sport as an instrument for to the development of refugees and displaced persons ”carried out as a start for the positioning of Catalan cooperation in the area of sport for development and peace.

The Congress was held with the aim of identifying and agreeing on the basic principles that make it up  projects and actions on sport and physical activity for development and peace at the international level. To this end, ADiC selected local, national and international organizations (NGOs, international institutions, public administration, universities, sports organizations, etc.) to jointly build the content of the congress and subsequently participate in it.


The aim was to discuss different topics in order to reach an agreement that the different actors, institutions or participating entities would sign. It was a starting point, a space in which to agree on the bases of Sport and International Cooperation, which would promote an international collaboration network in which Catalonia would play a strategic role.

During the months prior to the Congress, ADiC technicians were in constant contact with the entities implementing sports development projects to define the needs and concerns to which to respond, and specifically to define the issues in which would focus the event. The topics selected to provide content on the basic principles of sport for development were: Project Design, Methodology, Training, Gender and International Networks.


ACCeDE, AMPJF, Anantapur Sports Academy, Asd Margherita Sport e Vita, ASIPLANCHABA, Associació Ciutat Vella, Associació Esportiva Ramassà, Association for Development of Creative Movement “Arabeska”, Association des jeunes sportifs de Kigali 'Esperance', Bola Pra Frente, Camaquito, Catalonia with UNHCR, Coaches Across Continents, Dream a Dream, Empodera, Football Association of Norway, FUCODEP, Fundació Barça, Fundació per l'Esport i l'Educació de Barcelona, Fundación Defensores del Chaco, Fundación FuDe, Fundación Juventud Líder, Fundación Pere Tarrés,  Fundación Selección Colombia, Fundación Vicente Ferrer, FUTBOLMAS, Gea Cooperativa Sociale, GOALS Haiti, International Sociological Sport Observatory, Luta Pela Paz, Polisportiva Sanprecario, Quadrato Meticcio, Red Gol y Paz, Right to play international, Seprojoven, Slum Soccer, Skateistan, Solidaritat Olímpica, Sportanddev, Sport for Life, UNESCO, UNICEF Office of Research - Innocenti, Women Win

Source: Fight for Peace

During the two days of the Congress, plenary sessions, working groups and various complementary activities were combined. While the plenary sessions were open to the general public, the working groups operated by prior invitation, in order to ensure that they were made up of experts and entities with experience in each of the subjects covered. The initial papers aimed to establish a theoretical framework on the key elements that sport projects for development and peace must take into account to promote transformation processes. Later, different entities explained how they landed this theory on their own projects;  Right to Play, Fude, Coaches Across Continents, Sportanddev and Women Win laid the groundwork for the basic principles of the themes through which Congress revolved. UNESCO, UNHCR, and the Barça Foundation were also able to present their projects in plenary.


All participating entities had the opportunity to present their work at the Project Show, where they met in thematic groups. Each organization presented its poster designed by ADIC.


Source: Colombianitos


The conclusions of the working groups were shared at the closing ceremony of the Congress. ADIC also presented to the DGCD a final document of conclusions and recommendations for Catalonia to become a strategic player in this field. The most outstanding recommendation was to lead Action 5 of the Kazan Plan, an action that the Generalitat de Catalunya is carrying out 

The congress in data.

More than 100 attendees

More than 40 participating entities

Representation of more than 20 countries

14 presentations

5  working groups

Congrés sobre Esport i Cooperació Internacional. Octubre 2019.  INEFC - Barcelona.

Congrés sobre Esport i Cooperació Internacional. Octubre 2019. INEFC - Barcelona.


diari ara congres.jpg


Barcelona will host a conference to analyze the role of sport as an instrument of development cooperation

Catalonia is positioned as an international benchmark in the use of sports activity as a tool for cooperation for the development and construction of peace



Sport, the engine of development

global peace

Catalonia is leading a UNESCO project within the framework of the Kazan Action Plan. The transformative potential of sport is the keystone of an ambitious international project.

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When sport is also an instrument for development cooperation

A congress in Barcelona will position Catalonia as an international benchmark in this field.

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Catalonia is leading a UNESCO project on sport and global development

The Government is leading Action 5 of the Kazan Action Plan with the aim of promoting the exchange of knowledge and good practices of public policies on sport and physical activity around the world.

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